Sample engagements

Interisk works with law firms representing a wide range of insurance clients.

The following list includes generic descriptions of some of our previous engagements. The term “testified” is used to denote either testimony in deposition, court, or an arbitration hearing.

  • Testified about commercial liability underwriting practices and whether information contained in or missing from particular applications constituted material misrepresentation of a risk.
  • Testified about allocation issues in mass tort litigation involving multiple primary, excess and captive insurers and some self-insured layers.
  • Testified in environmental liability litigation concerning availability of insurance coverage for for clean-up costs. This recurring issue has been addressed in engagements concerning pollution from before 1920 through the present day.
  • Testified concerning the available liability limits during specific historical periods, covering the entire 20th century.
  • Prepared documentation and exhibit materials comparing and contrasting features of workers compensation retrospective rating plans by litigants.
  • Analyzed coverages, costs and features included in multi-line retrospective rating plans.
  • Testified about contractor’s liability, contractual liability insurance, and additional insured issues encountered in construction defect litigation.
  • Testified about agents and brokers errors and omissions issues related to earthquake insurance proposals and policies.
  • Testified about claims handling practices in workers compensation litigation between employers and insurers.
  • Provided affidavits to arbitration and mediation panels concerning reinsurance coverage and allocation issues.
  • Testified concerning validity of umbrella and excess drop-down coverage when underlying limits were exhausted by stipulation rather than payment.
  • Provided risk management services on a retainer or as needed basis for relatively small companies without risk managers.
  • Prepared insurance specifications, evaluated proposals, and recommended selection of broker/carriers for insurance coverage to be purchased by a metropolitan transit authority.
  • Researched and testified about the availability of products liability coverage for asbestos risks post-1985.
  • Researched and testified about the history and development of commercial general liability insurance, including development of CGL, schedule liability forms, underwriting and rating and related information.
  • Researched and testified about the history and development of excess and umbrella liability coverages and underwriting.
  • Analyzed and compared the coverage available for defense under different Excess and Umbrella Liability forms.
  • Testified about the meaning of “follow-form” in practices related to excess liability underwriting and placement.
  • Testified about Risk Management and Risk Financing Techniques used by multi-national, sophisticated insureds.
  • Researched and testified about the history and development of Property Damage Liability Insurance.
  • Testified about the duties and responsibilities of Insurance agents and brokers, and whether specific work on behalf of customers met the standard of care (or constitutes E&O) for insurance licensees.
  • Testified about what is required to prove the terms and conditions of an insurance policy, and what is proven by the use of “secondary evidence” of coverage for lost policies.
  • Testified on whether or not coverage for RICO claims was provided in a Managed Care Error and Omissions Policy by specifically requested wording changes to the policy.
  • Consulted on whether coverage for an individual account was intended under a firm’s Crime Policy.
  • Using extensive references from the Interisk Library, testified that asbestos coverage was available to a boiler manufacturing and installation firm.