Insurance litigation testimony

Interisk consultants understand the value of litigation consulting and support services. All too often, attorneys fail to consider the large value of consulting with a property and casualty insurance expert before filing a lawsuit or within a very short time after the filing.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys benefit from our in-depth knowledge of industry customs and practices, and ability to identify information that could impact the number and identity of parties sued, the type and extent of damage to the plaintiff, and the nature of documents to be obtained in discovery.

Experienced insurance defense attorneys benefit from early consultation with our qualified and knowledgeable staff, who can provide the background needed to understand industry practices before formulating defense strategies. This open exchange of ideas and experiences may lead counsel to re-evaluate their intended strategy and give them new directions to explore.

Interisk consultants are available to help attorneys evaluate their case and assist in planning and preparation that focuses on critical issues and may shorten discovery. Early consultation is a valuable way to determine the strength of a case, and consultants can identify difficulties that must be overcome to ensure a successful outcome. Also, Interisk has assembled an extensive collection of current and historical insurance materials referenced on a regular basis as part of the consulting services Interisk provides to its clients.

Interisk provides a complimentary one half hour (30 min.) consultation to discuss your case.